Time Capsule

The Time has Come

... almost 1 year away from digging up Time Capsule

In 1967, the Village of Warwick celebrated its Centennial. Among all of its memorable celebrations, a time capsule was buried and marked at the entrance of Veterans Memorial Park. The Warwick Valley Centennial Committee selected twenty youngsters to serve on the Board of Trustees on 2017. Each person received a personalized letter listing their duties in the year of 2017.

“During the year 2017, after removal of this capsual from the ground, it should be opened and the contents taken care of under the supervision of the members of this Board of Trustees.”

As planning is underway for the 2017 Village of Warwick Sesquicentennial, it is time for the members of the Board of Trustees to step forward and fulfill their duties. The Board of Trustees will also be responsible for appointing a new Board of Trustees and new Time Capsule, to be opened in 2067, the Village of Warwick’s Bicentennial.

A stone plaque marks the time capsule burial location at the entrance to Veterans Memorial Park.

A personalized letter listing their duties in 2017 was sent to each of the 20 youngsters selected to serve on the time capsule Board of Trustees.