Knitting Warwick

Press Release

Title: Knitting Warwick Together

Town of Warwick, NY – a pre-revolutionary town in Orange County, NY

Contact: Pat Foxx, 845-258-0818

Sunday, July 2 at the Albert Wisner Public Library, Warwick, NY

Event: A community-wide project to create knitted sleeves for trees for the purpose of bringing the town together and as decoration for the Sesquicentennial of Warwick, NY.

Early in 2017, to the surprise of many, a blue line appeared on the main street of Warwick NY. This resulted in a deep schism between the police, firemen, and first responders AND those supportive of Black Lives Matter. It erupted in a chaotic village hall meeting.  This story was reported by WCBS.

With a healing intent, Patricia Foxx launched Knitting Warwick Together.  At this time, over fifty people have made or are making colorful strips of knitted or crocheted yarn that will adorn the trees in the three villages of the town of Warwick. The installation will take place in conjunction with the Warwick Summer Arts Festival, July 25 to August 6 and the Sesquicentennial celebrations planned throughout the town.

On July 2 at Noon, a gathering of the knitters and crocheters will take place at the Albert Wisner Public Library. Many colorful strips will be brought together and many of the makers will get to meet each other.  Working together later in July, we will adorn the trees.

Plans are being made to auction the strips of knitting when they are removed at the end of the summer.  The proceeds of the auction will go to Safe Homes of Orange County NY (


Patricia Foxx is an artist and activist whose impetus for this project is her love of Warwick, where she has lived for 35 years.

Have you seen anyone knitting lately?  Chances are they are part of KNITTING WARWICK TOGETHER, helping to create a festive look for the celebration of the Town of Warwick Sesquicentennial. Curated/organized by Pat Foxx, Knitting Warwick Together is a project to bring together people of our town who might never have met through creative participation.  The trees in our villages will be adorned with knitted/crocheted “sweaters” made from leftover yarn of many colors. They will be displayed in connection with the Warwick Summer Arts Festival and stay on the trees until the end of August. At that time, they will be sewn together to make blankets for the homeless.

Anyone of any age can be involved – as a knitter, as a crocheter, as a donator of yarn, as a helper, as a teacher of knitting or crocheting – all are invited to be involved.  If you would like to knit or crochet, here’s what you can do:  knit or crochet and 8 inch wide flat strip of many colors and make it 5 feet long.  Many of our village trees are small, luckily. To join this project,   please contact

Knitted Strip – 5 feet long